Is Equity Release right for you?


While many people consider the option of downsizing, they often do so with great reluctance.

If you're over 55, own your own property and need to release cash for whatever reason, an equity release mortgage is an option you might consider.

As people move into retirement, ever increasing numbers of people are facing a dilemma of being asset rich, but cash poor. In addition, many lenders restrict the maximum age limit when lending money which restricts choices when raising money against your property.

Equity release is an option that many are considering but it is essential to ensure you receive the best professional advice, from the financial adviser at the outset through to the conveyancers at the end of the process. Equishield is the specialist equity release conveyancing service, operated by Martin Kaye, BPL Solicitors, Gordon Brown Law Firm, Glanvilles Legal Services and Cavendish Legal Group covering the whole of England and Wales.

In practice we commit to open your file the day we receive an instruction to act, be the instruction coming directly from yourselves or via your adviser. At this stage we will have a preliminary chat with you to introduce ourselves, make sure that we are aware of your circumstances and to discuss the process as a whole - all at no charge to you.

You can choose to come to our offices or request a home visit. We are quite happy to be flexible and meet you at an alternative location but a face-to-face meeting is all part of the service. We will continue to liaise with you and your adviser as we wait for your written mortgage offer to come through.

It is our role to confirm that you fully understand the terms and conditions of your mortgage and how it will impact upon you and your financial situation. We will also ensure that you are happy that the product you have been recommended meets your requirements based upon the financial advice you have received from your financial adviser.

As we are not authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) we are not able to give you financial advice about the specific product you have selected or been recommended. Our work does not include detailed advice on tax issues arising out of the transaction, community care or welfare benefits. You would always be recommended to take specialist advice in these areas if you have any concerns.

What we do offer you is a flexible, high quality legal service offering excellent value for money with competitive, realistic rates. And you have complete confidence that you are in the hands of reliable, capable and experienced people.